Kelly Topping Marketing & Public Relations​


Public Relations

At the heart of public relations is stories. Stories about people just like you who have built businesses. Every business has a story to tell, and it’s up to me to tell that story in a way that enhances your reputation and your brand. Your successes, the people you have helped, your journey and what you have learnt along the way.

Whether your goal is valuable links that enhance your reputation through digital PR, features in the mainstream press, thought leadership pieces in trade titles or a mix of the three, let me help you to uncover your stories and generate consistent, positive press coverage for your brand.


Marketing is often viewed with suspicion, but really marketing is just about developing relationships. Relationships with customers, with staff, with suppliers. Through marketing, people are happier because they feel understood, customers are happier because they are better catered for, and businesses are happier because they are more successful.

Whether you need help with your communications, a research project or social media management, let’s work together on meaningful and impactful marketing that delivers.


Think about your favourite brand, why do you like them? In the most part, it’s because they have created a brand that you identify with, a brand that has personality. One of the best ways of bringing a brand to life is through copy. Through copy I tell your brand’s story, make you relatable, engaging and interesting to your customer.

From luxury hotels to travel brands, website copy to digital materials, you create the service and I’ll write the words.

Content Creation

Modern PR is driven by content. Interesting, unique content that publications want to use and people want to read. Through content driven PR, we can showcase what you do and secure valuable press coverage. It’s not all about external media though as content can be used to great effect through your own channels.

With SEO optimised digital content like newsletters, emails and blogs, you can develop and strengthen your relationship with your customers, drive sales and tell your brand story in new and exciting ways.